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The Uquo Gas Facility Plant in Ekit-Eket, Akwa Ibom State was constructed by the Uquo JV, formed by two independent, indigenous oil & gas companies, Frontier Oil Limited and Seven Energy, and formally commissioned by the President of Nigeria. The Uquo gas field (OML13) was one of the 24 marginal fields awarded by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to indigenous operators as part of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Marginal Field programme in the February 2003.



The JV retained the services of C&F Porter Novelli to provide it with communications support that  will introduce the Uquo JV to the public as an indigenous pioneer that has delivered on expectations and one that can also replicate this ‘Uquo JV successes’ in future marginal field operations to the benefit of all stakeholders.



We positioned the Uquo JV as an indigenous trailblazer in the marginal field operations and willing developer of Nigeria’s non-associated gas by campaigning its achievements – seismic to production and transportation of the gas to power stations – in the Uquo Marginal Field (OML 13). Agency organised events, such as media facility tour, press conferences, media briefings, media interviews, TV appearances as well as managed the media during the official commissioning of the gas plant.
We organised and supervised a photo shoot of the plant prior to, and during the commissioning event, and produced photo bank and photo books for the per-event and commissioning event respectively.

We also organised and supervised a video shoot during the commissioning event and subsequently produced a 30-minute documentary.

Agency also developed content – press releases, event brochure, feature articles, briefing documents, advertorials, opinions and editorials – which was pitched to the media, and were published with little or no modification.



PR communication objectives were achieved as C&F Porter Novelli got media buy-in to the entire programme, which resulted to huge media coverage – number of mentions, tonality, timeliness and alignment with agreed key messages.