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The Spirit of Lagos is a campaign aimed at engendering a change in the attitude/behaviour of the people of Lagos and to encourage them to imbibe those values that will make for the improvement of Lagos State. It is hinged on the four pillars of Civic Responsibility, Social Justice, Good Neighbourliness and Citizenship.

The campaign also aims at highlighting the good in Lagos State and the very lifeline that connects its glorious past with its future. The campaign is promoted by the Lagos State Government and executed by a project team built by the TBWA/C&F Porter Novelli Consortium.

C&F Porter Novelli provides the strategic communications and content for both the traditional and social media platforms for the campaign.



C&F Porter Novelli are responsible for the strategic communications direction and content for the social media activities to drive awareness for, and participation of the people of Lagos State in, the campaign.



As a new group, Agency’s first steps were to create social media platforms from which it could launch its social media communications. This led to the creation of website, Twitter handle and Facebook page for the group. To ensure followership and interaction, the Facebook page as well as the Twitter handle was promoted.

The agency synchronised the Facebook page with the Twitter handle, thereby ensuring that all posts and engagement activities are seen across both platforms at the same time. This is to effectively ensure a robust engagement among the followers of the group.

We began the provision of compelling content that were posted to the platforms to drive traffic and engender discussion among visitors to the sites. This content was in form of text, photo and video that are in line with the key messages of the Spirit of Lagos group.

Agency also conducted and moderated Twitter interviews for officials of the state government on various activities of the group. These officials included the state Governor, Babatunde Fashola, the state Commissioner for Transport, Kayode Opeifa.



The social media campaign was impressive from inception. In a little more than one year of the social media campaign, the group recorded massive engagements on its various platforms.

On Twitter, the group’s Twitter handle @SpiritofLagos since it was created in October 2013 has polled a total of 1,741 engaging tweets. It has amassed over 37,000 followers. On the average, it makes over a million eyeball impressions (currently stands at 1,647,563) and an estimated reach of 600,000+ in as much as nine hours of engagement.

On specific twitter activities, the No-Horn Day interview, which lasted for four hours, trended in Lagos on the day, with the #NoHornDay, reaching over seven million accounts and recording over 28 million impressions on Twitter. On the other hand, the interview with the governor reached 1,581,340 accounts and made 6,271,017 impressions. The group’s Facebook page recorded over 63,514 likes in a little more than one year of existence.