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Global Handwashing Day (GHD), a day initiated to motivate and mobilise millions around the world to wash their hands with soap, is observed on October 15 annually. Safeguard needed to be more engaging. This was part of efforts to build the brand’s equity as an all-round solution to health and wellness and maintain top-of-mind awareness and drive trial among consumers.



C&F Porter Novelli was tasked with creating and executing communication plans that will raise top-of-mind awareness of the brand and enlighten consumers on the importance of hygiene, particularly hand washing; and drive consumer engagement and active participation in the brand’s activities.



A wellness campaign was developed to position Safeguard as a 360-degree solution to health and wellness, which involved partnerships with the Lagos State Government and the lya Oloja of Lagos (Head of Market men and women in Lagos State). The campaign focused on engaging neighbourhoods and market communities with the support of the lya Oloja, using environmental sanitation exercises on sanitation days after which the participants washed up using Safeguard soap at mobile wash stations provided at the sites. Neatness competitions were thrown in, making the sanitation exercises enjoyable and competitive between different open markets. Winning markets got free health checks by the Safeguard Doctor on Wheels.



The reward of loyal customers and the market women activations improved sales by five per cent. The campaign was well reported in both print and online media, with a focus on the product’s capabilities in providing total solution to health and wellness for users.