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The Federal Government of Nigeria in 2011 instituted the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) to receive, manage and invest in a diversified portfolio of medium and long-term revenue of the three tiers of government and Federal Capital Territory to prepare for the eventual depletion of Nigeria’s bi-carbon resources. On commencement of operations, NSIA did not have any brand presence, and no recognisable identity.



C&F Porter Novelli was tasked with creating a recognisable visual identity that will reflect the mandate of NSIA and resonate with the stakeholders of the agency.



A perception survey of the key stakeholders of NSIA was conducted alongside an audit of the agency’s communications activities. Insights from these were used to determine the focus of the development of the proposed visual identity.
The result was a visual identity comprising of an icon (stylised leaves) and a logotype (word mark). Stylised leaves, which formed the logo icon, symbolise growth and the future, while the logotype symbolises solidity and balance. These are values for which the NSIA wants to be known. The colours deep green and light green represent life and growth. Green is also the national colour, while light green adds vibrancy and warmth. A visual identity manual to guide application was also produced.
The guidelines covered:

  • Brand Mark – Approved backgrounds, exclusion zone, minimum size and positioning
  • Colour & Typography
  • Stationery & Other Print Applications
  • Page Templates
  • Signage
  • General Applications



The visual identity has been adopted and applied in various aspects of the operations of the NSIA.