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As part of Nestle Nigeria’s activities towards sustaining their dominance in the Nigerian market, a new range of the MAGGI seasoning brand was created. In the seasoning market, the Chicken sub category is increasingly vibrant, intense, active and growing in volume and value especially in Lagos/South West regions. The new MAGGI Chicken cube was launched to enjoy a substantial amount of this market share.



C&F Porter Novelli was briefed to launch the new MAGGI Chicken and achieve recognition as a new and modern brand with superior taste compared to existing chicken brands, while maintaining the brand as a local brand.



To achieve this, C&F Porter Novelli positioned MAGGI Chicken as a trendy seasoning that allows young mothers and new wives to deliver great tastes, by providing platforms that allow them to explore and express their adventurous side. This was reflected in the messaging, quality and tone of the launch as well as the class and pedigree of the invitees to the launch. Select groups of influencers were engaged to serve as chief messengers for the brand and activities planned around the launch. These included journalists, online personalities (Sisiyemmie and Dupe Killa) and celebrities (Toke Makinwa, Tu Face ldibia and his wife, Annie Macaulay).

Operators of Lagos restaurants, (Kitchens of Lagos) reputed for good home-made type dishes were also engaged and recruited as partners to provide subtle endorsements for the brand. The new MAGGI Chicken was presented to the media at a media parley where the online personalities were present to give testimonies of their trials of the new product. Also at the media parley, the media were given a chance to experience the product through wet tasting and interaction with senior personnel from Nestle to understand the objectives a new MAGGI Chicken. What followed was an experiential launch fashioned after a typical Lagos party, which was hosted by celebrities Toke Makinwa and Bovi. A key feature of the launch was the replication of some of the kitchens of Lagos at the venue. Targeted at young moms, the event provided ample opportunities for participants to experience the product via dishes prepared by at Kitchens of Lagos, wet tasting sessions and testimonies/endorsements from popular musician, Tu Face ldibia, his wife, Annie Macaulay; online influencers and the managers of popular Lagos kitchens.



The launch of MAGGI Chicken was a major topic for positive online discussions, which trended in Lagos on Twitter. A significant number of media mentions were recorded in the traditional and online media platforms, with the key brand messages embedded in over 95% of the reports.