Our Corporate Affairs practice can help you develop relationships with your shareholders, employees and key communities. Managing these relationships require that companies take a robust long-term view that emphasises the organisational behaviour needed to build sustained strategic credibility.

With you at every life stage

  • An organisation goes through many changes and faces many challenges throughout its life cycle, including:
  • the launch of a new business
  • the growing pains of creating a compelling unity out of adolescent acquisitions
  • the challenges of “divorce” in middle age
  • the passing of the torch to a new generation of leaders
  • growing relationships with the communities around the companies

C&F Porter Novelli provides counsel and creative communications to tell corporate stories in fresh ways. We keep your messages aligned across stakeholder groups and leverage our experience in a range of industries to promote innovative thinking. We also find the right channels to make your story resonate with each audience while utilising breakthrough tools that measure the strength of relationships – the intangible drivers of reputation.