We help clients build strong and enduring product brands, through establishing and maintaining brand loyalty by:

  • Using research and data-driven insights to propel creativity.
  • Understanding each client’s industry, influencers and customers.
  • Leveraging its unparalleled network of media relationships to consistently deliver top media placements.
  • Understanding the new global brand management and all facets of the new integrated marketing.
  • Integrating digital as a way of working, rather than a separate stream, and understanding the ever changing, powerful role of social networks and social media worldwide.

Central to success is our ability to create an authentic and meaningful relationship between our clients’ brands and their consumers. We often leverage the power of influencers to achieve that relationship and stay close to the trends that are re-wiring the lives of most of the audiences clients want to reach today. We believe that marketing public relations has the ability – more than any other discipline – to drive product or brand equity, both cost-effectively and quickly. More of our clients are seeking our consumer marketing expertise to either sit at top-most integrated strategy tables or lead bold multi-disciplinary programmes.