5 simple ways to prepare for the new week

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By Janet Udogu

Hey! It’s Friday. Did I hear you say, “Thank God is Friday”? Oh well, I just did too. We all love Fridays, don’t we? The mere thought that we will not have to wake up so early the next day to face the traffic and day’s hustle and bustle, makes it so comforting.

I am not so sure we feel the same way about Mondays.  Although Mondays are supposed to offer a fresh start to the rest of the week, they sadly do not seem to excite us like Fridays do. Far from it, Mondays seem like nightmares. They seem to rudely truncate our weekend fun. Wham! We suddenly wake up on a Monday, only to realise that we have backlogs of work to do and deadlines to meet. We run from pillar to post unsure of how to plan ourselves, set goals and/or score them.

It would have made logical sense to say that Monday is the best day of the week since it organically offers us the opportunity to start afresh. But why do we not seem to feel the excitement of a new start that the day brings? Why do some people literarily, “mourn” Mondays?

Part of the reason, I think, we feel less excited about Mondays is that many of us do not plan for the new week before it starts. No one prepares for war at the war front. It will only be disastrous. Strategy and stratagem are harnessed on paper ahead of time.

If you do not prepare for a task ahead of time, you will find yourself flustered and uncertain of where exactly to start from. If you plan for your week on Monday, you are already wrong and late. Having a great week does not start on Monday. It starts at least the day before. Preparation is priceless and the time of planning is also of equal importance.

Enough of the long talk, let me show you 5 simple ways to prepare and make your week stress-free:

5 simple ways to prepare for the new week

5 simple ways to prepare for the new week

Take stock of your unfinished business

Evaluate your to-do list from the previous week and see the assignments you have completed and the unfinished ones. Find out why certain things were done and others were not. If it has lingered for weeks on end, you need to quickly decide its fate on your to-do list. You either make it a priority ahead of everything else or cross it out entirely from the list.

Categorise the items on your to-do list

A long and random to-do list of everything mixed up together can be overwhelming and exhausting. Shuffling between different types of tasks can be frustrating. You are more efficient spending a long period of time doing one kind of task. It keeps you in the right frame of mind.

Do not procrastinate

Mondays are always chock-full. Anything you can do ahead of time gives you one less thing to think about and more freedom for the next day.

Prioritize your input, not output

Mondays are output focused so you are expected to be in your output mode. This is why you should make your Sundays input day. Feed your creativity and your soul on Sunday so that you are ready to go on Monday. More input produces better output.

Nurse yourself

Take time for yourself. Relax and rest well on Sunday night in order to sustain yourself throughout the week. Try to avoid unnecessary distraction and interruption including the social media, if you can. Meditation does a lot of magic too. You need your you-time; sitting quietly all by yourself and having some peace and quiet. You can pick a book if you feel like. Otherwise, just rest, rest and rest. And then you wake up on Monday morning totally refreshed and ready for the week. I wish you a great Monday ahead.









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