By Janet Udogu

Health they say is wealth but as wealthy as all of us want to be, we tend to take our general well being for granted up until our health goes down south. How come people only hit the gym or start pounding the streets under the guise of working out and dieting, only after they have become bloated and totally out of shape? If you are one of those professionals who excuse their not being in good shape on long hours at work every day, you had better start thinking and acting fast.

You may look as fit as a fiddle however, knowing how to maintain good health at work is still very important. What we have below is not an exhaustive list, but it contains tips that will sure help you stay healthy inside out at work and even beyond. Here:

Never miss your breakfast

A major tip on how to maintain good health at work is eating in the morning before you start work. Breakfast is an important source of energy for the hectic first half of your everyday office life. If you are always feeling sluggish, tired and uninspired in the mornings especially, try eating breakfast. Breakfast helps to keep your mind and body at a super alert mode.

Drink a lot of water

Water is of major importance to all living things; in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. The percentage of water in infants is typically around 75-78% water, dropping to 65% by one year of
age while the make-up of an average adult male is about 60% water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. What do the above tell you? Water is very important to the human body. Water keeps you hydrated. It also helps you stay alert and refreshed. Plus it helps you think clearly, resulting to high productivity. Lack of water- dehydration can result to drowsiness and sluggishness.

Take a break from work as much as you can

We always want to sit down for hours at a stretch and without giving ourselves some break because we want to meet up with the day’s target and so that we can leave the office on time. When we refuse to take a deserved break from our work we end up making more haste and less speed. Taking a break can be very productive and rejuvenating. The opposite is exhaustion and reduction in creativity. Take a break from work as much as you can. This is overly different from playing truancy

Do not get tired of washing your hands

You do not have to wait till there is a disease outbreak before you start washing your hands regularly. A clean hand can prevent you from picking germs and eventually sickness. Remember to wash your hands always, before and after eating, after using the restroom, and after sneezing or coughing. You may need to use hand sanitizer after sneezing or coughing in the event that you are unable to step away from your desk because of the enormity of your work or schedule.

Avoid those who are exhibiting symptoms of any communicable disease.

Keep a respectful distance or completely avoid colleagues who are exhibiting symptoms of illnesses like cold and cough and make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands if you visit their workstations.

Keep your workplace clean

Your workstation can harbour lots of germs if not kept tidy and neat. So, endeavour to always keep your workstation clean. Constantly wipe down your desk using sanitizers. This will help keep you free from germs that could cause illnesses.

Maintain good posture

Maintaining a good posture all day requires a conscious effort. Most employees who use computers stare at their screen for hours and slowly get drawn into it. This puts pressure on the neck and the spine. Once in a while, do some desk exercises. Chin retractions for instance, or making a fake double chin, to support the neck and upper back. Stretching or taking a few seconds walk can also help.

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