Have you ever sat down at your computer to write but instead you find yourself staring down at the blank screen? Nothing is coming to mind. You have so much desire to write but you cannot go further than the desire. The spirit is willing but the brain is uncooperative.

You finally type a few lines, but it comes out really terrible and you delete everything. You cannot continue. The right words seem to have taken to their heels at the sight of you. What do you do?  Do not beat up yourself. Help is here.

It is okay to feel stuck and paralysed mentally. Everyone hits that patch where they seem to have lost touch with their effective communicating self. Everyone, even the best sellers, experience writer’s block at some point. Try the following tips anytime you are trapped in the island of mental disconnect:


  • Break your task down into smaller, manageable bits. It can do the magic! Enormity of a task can induce writer’s block. So set a smaller goal. For instance, start with a paragraph instead of a chapter, daily.


  • Change your environment. A slight shift of environment can be all you need to get your creative juices flowing again.


  • Find a fictional listening ear, say an imaginary friend, to pour out your frustration to.


  • Be a little selfish sometimes. Try writing about what you like and not just what will appeal to your readers. This can help you break the block.


  • Stop being methodical in your approach. Forget the outline. Just keep writing as it comes to mind. You can arrange all of those later.


  • Breach your time table. Try writing at a different time. Don’t be routine bound. It can be frustrating sometimes.


  • Be nihilistic in your approach. The first thing at regaining your creative groove is not to edit or restrain your thought. Get it all out first, and then work on it later.


  • Visiting the social media when you are stuck is a good way of getting out of writer’s block. As you stray from post to post, your mind is likely to latch onto an idea that will help you get back on your feet. Be careful though, social media of course, is an infamous time suck.


  • Start in the middle. Stop taking forever looking for a perfect introduction. Get down to the body. The introduction can come later.


  • Count your blessings. Remind yourself and re-read your most cherished works.


  • Exercise. Go for a jog and clear your head if you are having a hard time writing. Exercising is a good way of energizing your mind to becoming more productive.



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